About us

Adventure is in our DNA.
It’s why we’re swinging in to foster a culture of exploration. As a group of adventure enthusiasts, we have conceptualized a technically superior adventure brand – Adventure Worx.
Combining our vast experience in the field, current industry knowledge, a laser-sharp vision for the future and our undying passion for thrills, we’ve created a brand that scales the peaks of quality and innovation. As explorers ourselves, we make sure our products exceed our expectations before they exceed yours. Many years of experience In the industry, current market knowledge & a vision for the future is behind the brand.
The thrill of adventure runs in our blood and our endeavour is to make every adventure safe, enjoyable and memorable for everyone. It’s a philosophy on which we’ve built our roadmap.

Celebrating spirit of India
We take pride & inspiration from India’s highest peaks, deep valleys, green forests, vast planes and deep oceans. Mesmerised by the diverse geography and cultures, our products embody & celebrate the spirit of India. Products feature Indian tricolours which represent the essence of India and provides a unifying philosophy to the diverse people of India. Take pride in wearing Indian tricolours.

We make conscious efforts and strive to reduce environmental impact of all aspects of our business like sourcing, manufacturing, packaging & distribution. We continuously endeavour to inculcate environment consciousness among all our stakeholders. We are committed to ensure the long-term survival of vital species and ecosystems.

Our initiative

Backpacking HappinessFor children in rural areas, trip to school is an adventure, while they have the courage, they do not have the gear required to succeed. With our initiative, we are looking to change that.
Adventure Worx’s business vision is integrated with the social commitment. We are trying to extend our support to needy children in our own way. We believe that the quality education for every child ensures them better future. Education empowers an individual to earn better livelihood as well as increases knowledge & awareness on different issues, so they can take informed decisions. This helps in the overall progress of the nation.
We will be more than happy with our initiative, if it inspires children to focus on education and inculcate the spirit of adventure in them.
Going forward, Adventure Worx endeavours to promote education at grass root levels through multi-dimensional activities.

For every 3 backpacks sold Adventure Worx pledges to give one backpack to the child in need.