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Buy Sleeping Bags Online at Adventure Worx India

When shopping for sleeping bags, do not just look at a heavier sleeping bag as the best choice for cold conditions, do check our latest tech, which reduces weight and size but enhances warmth. Check our range at Sleeping Bags Online.

We offer two models of sleeping bags, one for Low Altitude suitable for local treks in winter and one for use up to 5000 mts, a High Altitude bag.

Some of the features that our best Sleeping Bags Online offers are:

Ergonomic Design

Designed to fit a person with enough space for comfort yet reduce volume as much as possible to trap body heat and keep a person toasty warm. A shape labeled in the industry as “mummy shaped”.


Using high-end synthetic materials from DuPont, cutting-edge wadding used as insulation is very lightweight and quite thin yet effectively works wonders in retaining body heat for long periods. In turn, this results in a lighter and more compact bag. This wadding has a very hi-loft, which helps in trapping more air, thus providing more insulation. The wadding also has a UV-welded fine nonwoven layer in the same material to prevent the wadding from bunching or tearing during use. This means quilting sew lines are unnecessary, resulting in reduced heat loss.

Duck Down or Synthetic Insulation? 

Synthetic insulation avoids the main weakness of down insulation by remaining functional and warm when wet. When caught unaware by stormy weather, synthetic insulation will not lose its loft, as opposed to down, which will clump up and lose a lot of its insulating properties.

Internal Pocket

A tiny but handy pocket to keep valuable stuff safe and warm or even keep batteries warm while you sleep.

Full zip

A full zip with two-sided pullers ensures you get in and out of the bag easily, and a draft tube prevents heat loss from the zip. If it is not that cold, you can always use the bag as a quilt and stay warm.

Hood Cord Adjuster

A full all-around cord with a cord lock ensures you can crunch down the opening around your face with enough space to breathe but lock all body heat inside. 


A roomy yet compact stuff sack with 4 way compressors so that the sleeping bag volume can be further reduced and takes less backpack space.

During Use/Trek

When you exit the shelter in the morning, if nice and sunny, put the sleeping bag in an open condition on the tent. Just before packing up, stuff the bag in and pack away. This will ensure that the bag stays dry and free of any odor.

Post trek care

Close the zip fully, turn the bag inside out, use mild detergent, and choose a quick wash cycle on the washing machine to clean the bag. Drip dry in the shade. Loose pack or roll into a loose roll, add some anti-cockroach tabs and store till next use. 

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