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Best Sleeping Bags

Buy Best Sleeping Bags online.

Adventure Worx India offers a wide selection of sleeping bags that can be purchased online. When searching for the right sleeping bag, it’s important to not solely rely on a heavier sleeping bag for colder conditions. Adventure Worx India incorporates the latest technology to provide sleeping bags that are lighter and more compact, while still providing ample warmth. Check out our selection of top-of-the-line sleeping bags online at Best Sleeping Bag Online.

At our company, we provide customers with two types of sleeping bags: a Low Altitude model, which is suitable for local winter treks, and a High Altitude model, which can be used up to 5000 meters in altitude.

Our top-quality Sleeping Bags Online come equipped with several impressive features, including:

Ergonomic Design

Our sleeping bags are designed to provide ample space for comfort while minimizing volume to trap body heat and keep you warm. They feature a unique, industry-standard “mummy” shape.


Our sleeping bags feature top-of-the-line synthetic materials from DuPont, including cutting-edge wadding that is both lightweight and thin while effectively retaining body heat for extended periods of time. The wadding has a high-loft design, which traps more air and provides increased insulation. Additionally, the wadding includes a UV-welded, fine nonwoven layer made from the same material to prevent bunching or tearing during use. As a result, there is no need for quilting sew lines, which reduces heat loss and makes the bag more compact.

Duck Down or Synthetic Insulation? 

Unlike down insulation, synthetic insulation remains functional and warm even when wet, making it ideal for use in unpredictable or stormy weather. While down insulation can become clumpy and lose its insulating properties when wet, synthetic insulation retains its loft and effectiveness.

Internal Pocket

Our sleeping bags include a small, convenient pocket to keep valuable items safe and warm, or to even keep batteries warm while you sleep.

Full zip

The full zip on our best sleeping bag features two-sided pullers, making it easy to get in and out of the bag. Additionally, a draft tube is included to prevent heat loss from the zip. If the temperature is not extremely cold, the sleeping bag can also be used as a quilt for added versatility and warmth.

Hood Cord Adjuster

Our sleeping bags feature a complete cord that runs all around the opening, complete with a cord lock, allowing you to adjust the opening to your desired level of snugness without compromising on breathability. The result is a warm and cozy sleeping bag that locks in your body heat for optimal comfort.


Our sleeping bags come with a roomy but compact stuff sack, complete with four-way compressors that allow you to further reduce the volume of the sleeping bag. This means that the sleeping bag takes up less space in your backpack, leaving more room for other essentials.

During Use/Trek

To ensure that your sleeping bag stays dry and free of any odors, we recommend leaving it in an open condition on your tent in the morning if the weather is sunny. Before packing up, simply stuff the sleeping bag into its stuff sack and pack it away, ensuring that it remains in good condition for your next use.

Post trek care

To clean your sleeping bag, zip it up fully and turn it inside out. Use a mild detergent and choose a quick wash cycle on your washing machine. After washing, allow the sleeping bag to drip dry in the shade. Once it is dry, loosely pack or roll it up and add some anti-cockroach tabs before storing it until your next use.

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